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The Coach @ Elite Fitness and Coaching

Night Match

Classes and Courses

Finishing school- For girls

1-2-1 Tailored Football Coaching

Fundamental Movement skills (7-14 year olds)

Care Home Fitness

Physical prep Intermediate/Advanced 14+

Injury Re-hab and Pre-hab

For further information on any of the services, Visit the individual srvice page 

Getting Ready for a Match

Finishing school for girls

A unique way to enhance any female footballers ability to find the net. 
Focusing on ball striking, accuracy, movement, one touch finishing and much more, this is your pathway to becoming the complete goal scorer. The Coach, using a range of new equipment will provide each Finishing School participant direct one to one tutoring. Maintaining small groups, each individual participant will be treated as an elite athlete, with access to top class equipment, welcome gifts, prizes and special guests. It truly is an elite experience. 

One to one Coaching

Acheiving Excellence Together

If you are looking to gain the edge over you opponent, Turn to the Coach to raise you to the next level. 

From honing your technique, growing your positional awareness or just looking to improve your football fitness, The Coach can meet your needs. 

With a wide range of equipment, you can guarantee variety and innovation will be at the heart of every session. All sessions are individually tailored. 

Age range 10-21

Club Football experience is essential

Soccer Practice

Fundamental movement skills 8-14

Working in small groups 0r 1-2-1, FMS aims to provide young athlete's with wider range of movement, connective tissue durability and core strength. More information can be found on our "about us" page on the scientific athletic benefits this has on young athlete's peak performance.

The Coach can offer a variety of fitness sessions starting with basic movement and balance, building up to explosive plyometric exercise. With sessions available to suit youth footballers at the beginning of their football journey.

Care Home Fitness

Providing a level of activity suitable for elderly residents of care homes or visitors to day care centres. All exercises performed in a chair aim to provide greater flexibility, muscular strength and increased mobility. 
Using  disc sliders, activation bands, resistance bands
we can track each individuals fitness journey

Resistance Band
Physical Therapy Session

Physical Prep Intermediate/Advanced 14+

Advancing on from FMS, physical prep is the next step in increasing muscular strength, explosive movement, and most importantly, injury prevention. 

Injury re-hab and pre-hab

Assisting with football specific rehabilitation programmes ensuring you are able to return to action with confidence.

Child Physiotherapy
Soccer Cleats

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